How it Works.

We've worked hard to make this site as simple to use as possible (but we're always happy to get improvement suggestions). Briefly here's how it works.

Quotes and Registration

Anyone can generate quotes, without signing in or registering. If you want to take things further - save a job, upload a file, etc. - you'll need to register, and then log in every time you use the site. Your information will not be sold or passed on to anyone else, although we may use it to let you know about other services we offer.

The Three Parts To A Job
1. A description of what you want done (quantity, paper, finishing, etc.)
2. A file to print.
2. Payment.

1. Describing Jobs & Lay Up Options

The Jobs Screen is where you tell us exactly what you want. Please pay attention to all the options, as we can't take responsibility for any mistakes you make here. Page sizes can be approximate, as they will be corrected when you assign a file to the job. (Significant discrepancies may effect your quote). Our systems can handle laying up jobs, but you need to tell us exactly what you are sending and how you want it laid up (as simple as telling us that it is a 4-page PDF, portrait, that you want to fold at the left). The system will also arrange jobs on a page so that the most economical use of paper is made (so if you upload a 2-page business card or postcard, it will place as many as it can on a sheet of paper). If you add bleed or crop marks on your jobs, you need to be aware that we print the files as we receive them, unless you tell us otherwise. This can mean that bleed on an edge that is going to be butted up against another page won't work. In those cases, we can lay the jobs up for you manually. Also, excessive bleed may impact the number of sheets of paper we need to print your job. Again, we can help with this.

2. Uploading Files

You can upload as many files as you want for any job, but only one file (which must be a PDF) can be submitted with the job. This means if you have several files that need to be combined, or changed to PDF from a different format, you can upload your files and our operators can do the work of creating your PDF. Once you have uploaded one or more files, you must identify the one you wish to use. Our system will check the file and let you know if there are any issues See our FAQs for more details about the files we accept.

3. Placing An Order

When you are happy that your job is set up correctly, simply add the job to your basket. Go to your Job Basket when you are ready to place an order, and follow the instructions from there.. Unless individual jobs are large enough to warrant their own delivery charge (based on weight) a standard basket charge will cover packaging and delivery of all the jobs in your basket. Payment is handled through Paypal, and can be completed with your Paypal account or almost any credit or debit card.

When An Order Is Placed

Once you place an order, the files, with their associated job descriptions, are quickly brought into our in-house system. Jobs will be automatically checked for any discrepancies. They will then go straight into the print queues for our state-of-the-art digital printing presses. As soon as they have been printed and any finishing done, our excellent dispatch staff will send them to you by 24 hour courier.

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