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Our range of special papers is growing constantly! Special papers are generally either slightly more expensive or significantly more expensive that our standard papers. Whilst we try to ensure that we hold a stock of each, occasionally we experience a “run” on a particular type so we cannot always guarantee to have sufficient to complete orders within our normal turnaround times. Special papers can take between 3 to 5 days to re-stock. For this reason we suggest that if you know in advance that you will have a large order on a special paper that requires an urgent turnaround then please let us know as soon as possible & we will aim to have sufficient stock to fulfil your order, without delay, when placed.

Sample swatches of special papers are available on request. Please note that the colour swatch images shown below are for illustration only & should not be taken as an accurate representation of the paper colour.

Papers not stocked or “customer’s own” paper: If you require print on one of the below ranges but on a particular paper type that we do not stock then please let us know as we may be able to add it as a stocked item. If your requirement is for a paper that is from a range not listed below we may be able to source it from one of our suppliers or you may be able to order it yourself & have it delivered to us. Whilst we cannot guarantee to be able to print on every possible stock, if we can see a sample sheet we should be able to tell you whether we think it will be possible. Please contact us to discuss!

There are some other issues to take into consideration when using special papers. You should bear in mind that the appearance of colours printed on special paper will vary between stocks. (Probably obvious but worth saying anyway!) Some of the special papers are made in relatively small batches. In the same way as paint or tile manufacturers warn about slight variations between different batches of their products, the same can apply with some paper “makings” (batches). These variations are usually very minor however they can be more noticeable in stocks that contain recycled elements. At the time of writing we have never encountered any noticeable variations however we feel it is worth mentioning!

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